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The Creatures of Hallownest

The Creatures Of Hallownest

William | 27 November, 2014 | Uncategorized

Hey everyone,

Firstly, let’s all give each other a quick pat on the back – Hollow Knight is a staff pick on Kickstarter! Someone up there (on the Kickstarter staff) likes us! That should give us a bit more exposure and help us get toward the goal.

Secondly, we thought we’d give you all a quick introduction to some of the creatures you’ll be meeting (and fighting) in the world of Hallownest! The below is an excerpt from the Field Guide to the Ruined Kingdom Hallownest by Malana Luzo, Professor of Beastology.

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Hollow Knight is on Steam Greenlight

William | 21 November, 2014 | Greenlight, Hollow Knight

Vote for us on Steam Greenlight

Hollow Knight is now on Steam Greenlight! We’d love to be able to release the game on Steam, and we’re sure most of you would be keen to see it on there too. So, go head over there and vote for us! And if you have any friends, family, enemies or whoever that use Steam, nag them into voting us up as well!

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Click here to view our Kickstarter page!

We’ve launched the Kickstarter for Hollow Knight! Come and check out the incredible new trailer, as well as plenty of info and images (included some awesome animated GIFs)! We’d love to bring this game to fruition, and we need your support to make it happen! Pledge, tweet, share – every little bit will help!

William | 19 November, 2014

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We’ve just put up a teaser for Hollow Knight! A quick introduction to the world of Hallownest.

William | 15 November, 2014