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Hollow Knight figure

Buy Your Very Own Hollow Knight Figure!

William | 14 December, 2014 | Hollow Knight, Merchandise

That’s right, you can now purchase this incredible Hollow Knight figure, hand built and painted by the supremely talented and passionate David Díaz Patrón. Wouldn’t you love to have this solemn little hero watching over you while you play the game, silently cheering you on from the sidelines? 

Click here to see the figure on our merchandise page!

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A new Hollow Knight trailer for the final week of our Kickstarter! “A Weird and Wonderful World” Check it out! So much new stuff! Worth watching for the snails alone.

William | 12 December, 2014

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Watch Ari Die Repeatedly in This New Hollow Knight Gameplay Video!

William | 8 December, 2014 | Hollow Knight, Video

Hey Everyone!

We’ve got another gameplay video for you today, which shows off a bit more of the world of Hollow Knight. Come with Ari and William as they set out from the town of Dirtmouth, wind through the Forgotten Crossroads and take on a challenging optional mini-boss, the vicious Brooding Mawlek.

This time, Ari takes control of the Hollow Knight, and finds that even early on the challenges of Hallownest are not to be taken lightly. In fact, he dies repeatedly. But! Along the way he learns to believe in himself, and you get to learn more about the weird and wonderful world of Hollow Knight!

So have a watch, as you really do get a great sense for how the game plays in the video. And if you have any questions or comments, let us know! We’re working on some more footage to show you too, so as always please stay tuned!
Until then!

Hollow Knight has been Greenlit!

William | 6 December, 2014 | Uncategorized

Today Hollow Knight was greenlit on Steam Greenlight! That means that if the Kickstarter is successful and Hollow Knight gets made that we’ll be releasing Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game through Steam – how cool is that?!

You can check out the Greenlight page here if you want to follow the game through Steam and keep updated on release info. Massive, massive thanks to everyone who voted! People’s reactions have been really positive and people are getting really psyched for the game!