2016 – The Year of Hollow Knight! Also, GIFs!

William | 20 January, 2016 | Uncategorized

Happy New Year All!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Holiday break. No breaks for Team Cherry yet! We’ve been hard at work through the Holiday season pulling together Hollow Knight’s massive world and extensive cast. We’ve made some huge technical leaps in optimising the game and we’re racing towards a major content milestone that’s only weeks away (playing through the game from start to finish!)

Warrior Spirits 

Continuing from the Backer Ghosts of our last update, today we’re showcasing Warrior Spirits. These Ghosts retain so much of their former strength that even in death they can challenge the Hollow Knight to vicious combat. They’re some of the toughest battles in the game and they’ve been brought to life with the assistance of a few amazing Backers.

Elder Hu 

Conceived by Donald Lynch, Elder Hu died in the depths of the Fungal Wastes. He attacks the Hollow Knight with his Phantom Fists.


Markoth is a Moth Warrior, one of the few Moths in Hallownest to wield weapons. His Spirit powers allow him to wield his ancient weapons from beyond the grave. You can thank Samuel Dixon for the idea behind Markoth, or curse Samuel when bested by his Ghost!

No Eyes 

One of the creepiest Warrior Spirits. Blue Bubbles (probably an alias) sent us a back story to accompany No Eyes and it’s quite possibly one of the most disturbing bits of fiction we’ve ever read! It’s so horrific we’ll recuse ourselves of its re-telling. Hollow Knight is for all ages after all. Saying that! We love No Eyes, he’s such an odd, memorable weirdo. Maybe when you encounter him for yourself, you’ll be able to gleen some sense of his tragic past.

Random GIFs 

Why end there! There’s so much more happening behind the scenes here at Cherry HQ, wrapping up bosses; tidying up worlds; filling existing areas with cruel new traps. Here’re a few bits and pieces that’ve come together recently:

Remember this Guy?! Ari’s personal favourite and one Hollow Knight’s most iconic bosses, the Dung Defender. He’s ready to protect his turf against all who tread near.

And here he is just splashing around. You can probably guess in what!

Hornet is springing into battle! this is the first time we’ve shown her animated. Expect more on Hornet soon!

The Ancient Nailmasters have gone into hiding about the land. Each will teach the Hollow Knight a hidden technique to make vanquishing the hordes that little bit easier. Of course, you’ll have to defeat them first.

More really soon! We’ve another area focus and as yet unrevealed game mechanic that we’re itching to talk about. As always, remember to follow us on Twitter @TeamCherryGames if you’d like a steady stream of smaller HK info.

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  1. giovanni martorella says:

    Where are the animations being done, they are wonderful!!

  2. William says:

    Thanks! Ari does all of the animations in Photoshop.

  3. Jefferson Alves says:

    Amazing artwork guys, I discovered the game today and I’m already following on Steam ;)

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