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Hollow Knight is Live!

Ari | 26 February, 2017 | Uncategorized

It’s here gang! Hollow Knight is live on Steam for Windows. It’s been a long, intense journey reaching this point. 2 years of non-stop development, and right down to the wire, with William putting in last minute fixes the day before the game went out!

Our hugest thanks to all of you for allowing us to make the game we dreamt of making. What a thrilling (and exhausting) ride!

We also don’t say this enough, but our sincerest thanks also go out the team at Kickstarter! Without your support, and your platform, this game would never have come to be.

Our last big ask: Tell the world about Hollow Knight! Write, Tweet, Stream or sms a friend. The more people know about it, and the bigger it becomes, the more crazy content we can add to this weird and wonderful buggy world.

And don’t mistake! Team Cherry’s work is far from over. Even today, we’re back at it. Dave’s working at getting the Mac build ready, and William is prepping a patch with tweaks and optimisations. Once lots of people, with all manner of different computer setups, start playing the game, you learn a lot! Quickly. We’ll be addressing anything that pops up as we go.

If you’ve filled out the Kickstarter Survey, or pledged at the $10 tier, and haven’t yet received Steam Codes or your digital extras, email and we’ll get things sorted for you!

That’s all for now! Very tired, but very excited!

Lots more from Team Cherry soon.

Hollow Knight Mac Debut Delay

Ari | 22 February, 2017 | Uncategorized

Heya Gang,

This is a short one. As part of the roll into release, we’ve gone a bit wider with our testing for both Windows and Mac. Unfortunately, and frustratingly, several of our new testers have encountered a previously undiscovered crash bug in the Mac version. Keep Reading…

Indie Fund Announce!

Ari | 14 February, 2017 | Hollow Knight


How do you make a 30+ hour metroidvania with a team of 3 people?

With the help of Indie Fund!


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Hollow Knight’s huge Release Trailer has just gone live!!

Hollow Knight is coming to you on February 24th for PC and Mac. Get ready, and spread the word!


Ari | 10 February, 2017


Watch Out! Team Cherry is dropping big Hollow Knight news and a huge trailer at the end of the week! Prepare Yourself!