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Huge HK One Month Update. Over 65,000 copies sold! Holy Moly!

Ari | 28 March, 2017 | Uncategorized

Over 65,000 copies sold!

What an amazing feat for our tiny/huge game. In under a month Hollow Knight has managed to sell over 65,000 copies across Steam, GoG and Humble Bundle. That’s just an enormous number, and we’re thrilled to know so many people are diving into Hollow Knight’s world. Coupled with it’s sales, Hollow Knight’s seen a fantastic reception by media, by players on Steam, and by backers!

Thank you for all the emails, and the wonderful compliments on the game, the soundtrack, and for your patience as we work through everything.

Now that we are here, get ready! More Hollow Knight content is being designed, animated, and prepped for you. If you thought you’d already faced Hallownest’s toughest foes, you’re in for a shock!

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