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Hollow Knight: Now in 6 Languages & Part of the Steam Summer Sale!

Ari | 23 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight in Steam’s Summer Sale

If you’ve ever been on the fence about HK, now’s the time to leap! New languages. New low price. Free Content in July!

4 more languages have been added alongside English and French: German, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

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Hollow Knight IndieBox Edition Almost Gone! 2 Days to Get On It!

William | 17 June, 2017 | Uncategorized

Your final chance to get in on the IndieBox edition of Hollow Knight is here – two days left!

Subscribe to IndieBox here!

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Hidden Dreams Free For All! Official Merch! Adopt a Grub!

Ari | 8 June, 2017 | Features, Hollow Knight, Merchandise

Power-up your Dreamnail! Hollow Knight’s first free content pack ‘Hidden Dreams’ is dropping this July for all players.

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Hollow Knight Official Merchandise from Fangamer!

Ari | 6 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight, Merchandise

The fine folks at Fangamer have worked with us to deliver the classiest collection of Official Hollow Knight merchandise! Site is live now: Pins, Plush and Tees. Jump over there and start shopping!

Indie Box

Hollow Knight & Indiebox!

William | 2 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight, Merchandise

There’s still time! Subscribe to Indie Box now and you’ll get the Hollow Knight Indie Box edition sent straight to you! Comes with the game, soundtrack, and some extremely cool extras!