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HK Done Quick! Over 100,000 sold! Art! Pizza! Thumbs up!

Ari | 17 May, 2017 | Art, Features, Hollow Knight, Merchandise

Buckle in Gang! This is a big one.

Over 100,000 sold!

Yowza! Earlier this month HK crossed the 100,000 line, and it keeps on going! That’s just a crazy number of people playing Hollow Knight, and we’re constantly blown away by the game’s continued support. So many little Hollow Knights out there in the world. So many people to delight in Hallownest’s mysteries, and rage at its challenges!

Hollow Knight has legit, serious, fans! With full fan translations (All major asian languages!), endless fan art (see below!), an insanely skilled speed-running community, and giant wikis popping up around our strange-insect-game.

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Indie Fund Announce!

Ari | 14 February, 2017 | Hollow Knight


How do you make a 30+ hour metroidvania with a team of 3 people?

With the help of Indie Fund!


Hollow Knight’s huge Release Trailer has just gone live!!

Hollow Knight is coming to you on February 24th for PC and Mac. Get ready, and spread the word!


Ari | 10 February, 2017

Steam Screenshot

The Hollow Knight Steam Page is Live!

William | 4 December, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a little while since our last update, but that’s because we’ve been busy not only with getting the game ready for our testers, but also with setting up Hollow Knight’s Steam page!

That’s right, the page is live! Click here to check it out!

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October Update, The Mystic Jiji!

William | 10 October, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Team Cherry is checking in!

As per our last few updates, we’re still hard at work getting Hollow Knight all polished up. It’s often an exhausting process and it can feel a never ending one, but it’s very rewarding to see the game come together as it has in the last months.

There’s lots of polish now being added and lots of the little bits that make it feel like a real game. That includes achievements, dynamic button prompts, a full set of menu options and final script.

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The Hunter

Filling Out the Hunter’s Journal, Interview, and Game Informer

William | 19 August, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Hey Everyone,

Quick update today to show off a feature of the game that we’ve hinted at but not really gone into much depth on yet: The Hunter’s Journal!

What’s everyone’s favourite part of any game? That’s right – filling out a bestiary by killing bad guys! Then reading about them! At least, it’s one of our favourite bits, so we couldn’t resist adding the feature to Hollow Knight.

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The latest trailer shows off some the beautiful, surreal landscapes and strange characters you’ll encounter as you explore the ruined Kingdom of Hallownest!


William | 20 June, 2016

new banner

Hollow Knight’s Mega May Update

Ari | 12 May, 2016 | Art, Hollow Knight

Team Cherry is checking in!

We’ve been heads down polishing, testing and adding even more to Hollow Knight. Most of the game’s areas are now completely filled out and many are at a highly polished state. Lots of technical stuff is happening behind the scenes as well, with menus being finalised and snazzy grading systems all up and running.

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Team Cherry at Radio Adelaide

Team Cherry Interview with Pixels Rising

William | 15 April, 2016 | Hollow Knight

The other day we got to hang out our local radio station, Radio Adelaide and did an interview with Chell from Pixels Rising! Take a listen as we chat about Hollow Knight and game development in general.

Click here for the interview

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The White Palace

Post Easter Update: White Palace, Backer NPC, Hollow Knight at GDC!

William | 1 April, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Update Time All!

Team Cherry is crunching our way towards a completed Hollow Knight and that means it’s time to share more development news starting with a huge new area: the White Palace!

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