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Hidden Dreams has Launched!

Ari | 3 August, 2017 | Hollow Knight, Uncategorized

This is it gang! It’s time to face 2 of Hallownest’s greatest warriors, uncover a hidden stag station, and traverse Hallownest in a whole new way with Dream Gates! We’ve even included a few small surprises to keep veteran players on their toes.  Keep Reading…

Ourolen and co at SGDQ 2017

Hidden Dreams Update! Mods! Summer Games Done Quick!

William | 19 July, 2017 | Hollow Knight

Hey everyone,  once again we’ve got a whole bunch of news to share. As Zote would say – “Barama!” (rough translation: let’s get this over with)

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Hollow Knight: Now in 6 Languages & Part of the Steam Summer Sale!

Ari | 23 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight in Steam’s Summer Sale

If you’ve ever been on the fence about HK, now’s the time to leap! New languages. New low price. Free Content in July!

4 more languages have been added alongside English and French: German, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.

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Hidden Dreams Free For All! Official Merch! Adopt a Grub!

Ari | 8 June, 2017 | Features, Hollow Knight, Merchandise

Power-up your Dreamnail! Hollow Knight’s first free content pack ‘Hidden Dreams’ is dropping this July for all players.

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Hollow Knight Official Merchandise from Fangamer!

Ari | 6 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight, Merchandise

The fine folks at Fangamer have worked with us to deliver the classiest collection of Official Hollow Knight merchandise! Site is live now: Pins, Plush and Tees. Jump over there and start shopping!

Indie Box

Hollow Knight & Indiebox!

William | 2 June, 2017 | Hollow Knight, Merchandise

There’s still time! Subscribe to Indie Box now and you’ll get the Hollow Knight Indie Box edition sent straight to you! Comes with the game, soundtrack, and some extremely cool extras!

HK Done Quick! Over 100,000 sold! Art! Pizza! Thumbs up!

Ari | 17 May, 2017 | Art, Features, Hollow Knight, Merchandise

Buckle in Gang! This is a big one.

Over 100,000 sold!

Yowza! Earlier this month HK crossed the 100,000 line, and it keeps on going! That’s just a crazy number of people playing Hollow Knight, and we’re constantly blown away by the game’s continued support. So many little Hollow Knights out there in the world. So many people to delight in Hallownest’s mysteries, and rage at its challenges!

Hollow Knight has legit, serious, fans! With full fan translations (All major asian languages!), endless fan art (see below!), an insanely skilled speed-running community, and giant wikis popping up around our strange-insect-game.

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Indie Fund Announce!

Ari | 14 February, 2017 | Hollow Knight


How do you make a 30+ hour metroidvania with a team of 3 people?

With the help of Indie Fund!


Featured Video Play Icon

Hollow Knight’s huge Release Trailer has just gone live!!

Hollow Knight is coming to you on February 24th for PC and Mac. Get ready, and spread the word!


Ari | 10 February, 2017

Steam Screenshot

The Hollow Knight Steam Page is Live!

William | 4 December, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a little while since our last update, but that’s because we’ve been busy not only with getting the game ready for our testers, but also with setting up Hollow Knight’s Steam page!

That’s right, the page is live! Click here to check it out!

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