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Hornet springing into action! Frames from in-game.

Post PAX, New Site, Ferocious Foes Trailer!

William | 20 November, 2015 | Uncategorized

We’ve done it! Team Cherry survived our first PAX Aus. The event was a smashing (and exhausting) success. Not only did we get to mingle with an inspiring community of other indie devs, Hollow Knight received unanimous enthusiasm from the hordes of players throughout all 3 days.

Beyond that, we met with a whole bunch of press and even managed to sneak out and play a few games ourselves (Cuphead! We love you, but your bosses have too much health!)

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Team Cherry is Back! New Year, New Office, New Team Mate, New Engine!

William | 2 February, 2015 | Hollow Knight, Uncategorized

Happy New Year everyone!

That’s right, it’s the incredibly futuristic year of 2015 and Team Cherry is still working hard on Hollow Knight! It’s been a little while since our last update (we’ve been super busy, we swear) so we’ve a bunch of news for you.

First off, a brand new addition to the Team Cherry family! No, Ari and William didn’t have a baby (although we suspect the technology might not be too far off). We’ve brought the incredible and multi-talented Dave Kazi into the fold!

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Hollow Knight has been Greenlit!

William | 6 December, 2014 | Uncategorized

Today Hollow Knight was greenlit on Steam Greenlight! That means that if the Kickstarter is successful and Hollow Knight gets made that we’ll be releasing Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the game through Steam – how cool is that?!

You can check out the Greenlight page here if you want to follow the game through Steam and keep updated on release info. Massive, massive thanks to everyone who voted! People’s reactions have been really positive and people are getting really psyched for the game!

The Creatures of Hallownest

The Creatures Of Hallownest

William | 27 November, 2014 | Uncategorized

Hey everyone,

Firstly, let’s all give each other a quick pat on the back – Hollow Knight is a staff pick on Kickstarter! Someone up there (on the Kickstarter staff) likes us! That should give us a bit more exposure and help us get toward the goal.

Secondly, we thought we’d give you all a quick introduction to some of the creatures you’ll be meeting (and fighting) in the world of Hallownest! The below is an excerpt from the Field Guide to the Ruined Kingdom Hallownest by Malana Luzo, Professor of Beastology.

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