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Hollow Knight: A Weird and Wonderful World

William | 12 December, 2014 | Hollow Knight, Video

A new Hollow Knight trailer for the final week of our Kickstarter! “A Weird and Wonderful World” Check it out! So much new stuff! Worth watching for the snails alone.

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  1. I started playing a few hours of HK, should I wait for the new DLC or continue playing? I dont want to not spoil the game.

  2. Danny Powers says:

    Guys, guys, guys.
    I’m sure every gamer think this of him or herself, but I’m very particular about games I play — and I seriously cannot stop play Hollow Knight. What an excellent game. I play with my 5-year-old son telling me where to go on the maps (frequently backtracking and going in circles as a result – but hey, he’s the boss) and on my own I am always hunting for new nooks and spaces and bugs to vanquish. The first time I beat the Coloseum of Fools (round 1, after an agonizing 2 hours), I was so elated to have survived AND gotten a notch, that I screamed. At 2 in the morning. At my sleeping wife.
    Anyway. Wanted to leave some love on your comment wall here. Amazing game.

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