Hollow Knight’s Mega May Update

Ari | 12 May, 2016 | Art, Hollow Knight

Team Cherry is checking in!

We’ve been heads down polishing, testing and adding even more to Hollow Knight. Most of the game’s areas are now completely filled out and many are at a highly polished state. Lots of technical stuff is happening behind the scenes as well, with menus being finalised and snazzy grading systems all up and running.

Alongside our polishing and testing, we’ve had two major tasks: Backer and Stretch Goal content. So far, backer Warrior Ghosts have taken the bulk of the time and they’ve since become a huge component of the game, offering some of the toughest fights you’ll face. Each ghost possesses unique weapons, attacks and patterns. If they sound too daunting, don’t fret! Defeating them is entirely optional although doing so grants the player a major benefit.

New Backer NPC Revealed!

Added to the Warrior Ghosts and peaceful backer ghosts, we’ve been implementing backer NPCs. Last month we unveiled Noah Sturtridge’s Cloth and this month we’ve another: Meet Tiso, by backer Tiso Spencer.

Tiso is a warrior bug who carries the shell of a fallen comrade as a shield. You’ll encounter him as he searches the deepest parts of Hallownest for challenging foes. We’ve some extra special plans for Tiso that we won’t yet reveal, though expect an intense conclusion to his story.

Check out Tiso’s own concept drawing for the character:

Beyond characters, there’s a lot more backer content that’ll be making its way in. That content is the last of the core game still to complete and is currently happening in tandem with our polishing and testing of the rest of it. Saying that, we’re starting to consider holding off some content to come soon after release. That may mean the Colosseum of Fools (the last major stretch goal we reached) is delivered as a free downloadable addition, though we’re still striving our best to cram it into the core game. Ultimately we’d love to include all the content in one big, brilliant package, but we’re equally mindful of spending too long in development and keeping you all waiting. If the Colosseum does slip from the initial game release, we’ll make sure to let you know.

Game Testing 

Our internal playtesting of Hollow Knight’s has given us a whole tonne of important feedback. Here are just a few of the changes we’ve made a result:

The core game is now easier! That may sound crazy, given we’ve always pitched Hollow Knight as a challenging game, but after dying ourselves countless times we’ve tweaked things to be slightly more forgiving. For skilled players, that old difficulty still awaits. Just head off the game’s main paths and you’ll face far more difficult foes and situations, receiving more juicy rewards for your efforts.

The first boss can now be skipped! That’s right. You can now escape the game’s very first boss. Why did we do this? Many beta players were finding Hollow Knight’s first boss, the False Knight, rather intimidating and a big stumbling block to progression. We completely understand. He’s huge and threatening and a major challenge for new players. Rather than make him weaker our solution is to let players progress past him, gaining skills and experience in the world before returning to face him once they’re powered up and ready.

Another boss encounter! The late game felt like it needed one more iconic encounter and we found one in Hornet, who will now not only be appear as a playable character but will also engage the Hollow Knight in a ferocious duel. She’s one of the most lethal battles created to date with lightning fast moves that require split second reactions from the player.


Successfully defeat Hornet and you’ll see another side to the character, witnessing events that other players will not.

Hollow Corner 

Here are a few other random pieces that’ve come together recently:

New Guards. These Hulking guard-bugs patrol the royal quarter of the City of Tears. Another instance where testing revealed a need for more enemy variety.

Queen’s Garden (formerly: Royal Gardens) is now fully dressed. This is a late game off-shoot with its own cast of weird enemies.

A New Dungeon. We won’t spoil the details of this one, given it’s quite story relevent, but it’s an area that’s just recently received it’s art pass. If you like smashing precious relics, you’ll have a blast in here.

Kickstarter Corner 

The Rockabilly Plump Corps by Peter Yong

We haven’t done one of these for a while and this one’s a bit special. It’s a new graphic novel by our supremely talented friend, Peter Yong. If you like plus-size superheroes, Rockabillys, body-builders, giant-robots and burgers, then go back this book! Just look at that stylish cast of characters! It’s the sort of crazy, stupid storytelling that Team Cherry loves. We reckon you will too:


Wow! That’s all for now, but lots to come soon, including a trailer that’s been waiting far too long for release. Thanks again all for your patience and support and expect to hear from us soon!

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