Huge HK One Month Update. Over 65,000 copies sold! Holy Moly!

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Over 65,000 copies sold!

What an amazing feat for our tiny/huge game. In under a month Hollow Knight has managed to sell over 65,000 copies across Steam, GoG and Humble Bundle. That’s just an enormous number, and we’re thrilled to know so many people are diving into Hollow Knight’s world. Coupled with it’s sales, Hollow Knight’s seen a fantastic reception by media, by players on Steam, and by backers!

Thank you for all the emails, and the wonderful compliments on the game, the soundtrack, and for your patience as we work through everything.

Now that we are here, get ready! More Hollow Knight content is being designed, animated, and prepped for you. If you thought you’d already faced Hallownest’s toughest foes, you’re in for a shock!


South by Southwest has just wrapped in Austin, Texas, and Hollow Knight was lucky enough to be invited to the huge show! Both Matt & Chris attended, and manned the packed HK booth! Hollow Knight was hanging out alongside the likes of Owlboy, and Night in the Woods, real, legit indie games! We must’ve done something right.

Hollow Knight turning heads! Thanks SnowChu (@ArtSchu) for taking the pic.
Hollow Knight turning heads! Thanks SnowChu (@ArtSchu) for taking the pic.

Extra special thanks go out to other Matt, Matt Fitzgerald (@toborprime) who helped out with the booth. Follow that man on twitter! His upcoming game, Savage, is shaping up to be the raddest, retro-ist thing! We’re pretty darned excited for it.

Mac & Linux

We’re oh so close on these. Last optimisation stuff is now going into the Mac build, and Linux is shaping up really well. If you’re a Mac user and you’re willing to jump in a little early, you can do so right now by hopping onto Steam and opting in to the Mac Beta (beta-osx-) in the game’s Betas Tab. Final Mac optimisations will be arriving on the beta branch mid-week. Provided we don’t hit any roadblocks, we’re intending to launch the Mac version live for all a few days later.

We’re following a similar path with the Linux build, just a little behind, with its first public beta landing mid-week and the final build launching a week or two after. If you’re a Linux user, keep an eye on our Twitter (@teamcherrygames) to find out when the beta is up.

If you do encounter bugs in the beta builds, we’ve an important link just for you:

Fill out the short question form there and we’ll get working on fixing any problems you encounter. Remember: If you post a bug in the Steam forum, or on Kickstarter, we may miss it! So use the form! All of those submissions get nicely collated in our handy report sheet that we reference every day.

Once those builds are out, our focus will be our next major platform, Nintendo’s Switch! Expect to hear more Switch talk once we get past these major, immediate milestones.

More Languages Coming

Alongside the upcoming platform releases, we’ll be updating all versions of Hollow Knight with French language support later this week. And more languages are still to come! Hollow Knight’s done super well in China, perhaps in part thanks to a fan translation that’s been circulating! Wow do fans work fast. We’re pursuing an official Chinese translation as we speak.

One of the biggest delays on languages has just been adjusting the game to account for all the text shuffling around and changing sizes. Turns out that stuff is tough! But with the process nearly complete, each additional language should slot in much more smoothly.

Fan Art Madness

Hollow Knight’s seen some incredible fan art all throughout it’s development. Now post launch it’s leapt to a whole new level! The HK community has gone crazy, with stunning, inspired pieces appearing daily. Even in the limited space we have, we just had to share a few of our recent favourites:

Heroic Cornifer by Vivian Lulkowski! A more youthful version of the cartographer? He’s in much more impressive shape than when encountered in game. More of Vivian’s work here:

Hornet swooping into battle in Greenpath! She’s as stylish as ever in this piece by Mary Garren, whose other work you can see on tumblr:

An intense HK by Mamuru over at Pixiv. More work here: Be warned! Most of Mamuru’s art is not work-safe!

And to round it all off, Nick Daniel’s been killing it with a stream of Hollow Knight comics over at Go visit his site to see these and many many others. Leg Eater’s never been so loveable!


That’s it gang! Wowza. That’s a lot. And so much more to come. Physical rewards talk soon. New Content details upcoming! So much happening! Still so busy, but still so fun.

Team Cherry is getting back to work!

Last Minute Reviews Addendum: Destructoid just gave Hollow Knight a 10/10! Wahhhhhh.


And Game Informer just dropped a 9/10 in their latest Mag! Game Informer Gold! Ridiculous!!


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  1. Amaru says:

    Congrats guys, you definitely deserve it. Looking forward for more news and content!

  2. Eric says:

    I’m a pretty jaded gamer. I’ve been a hardcore gamer for about 30 years now, and very few games impress me anymore. I feel like I just go through games out of habit, as opposed to really enjoying them the way I used to.

    Hollow Knight gave me that sense of wonder and joy I haven’t felt since I was a kid. It’s so unique and well crafted. The gameplay is challenging and fun. The characters are charming and mysterious. Exploration is exciting and at times frightening. This is probably the game of the decade for me.

    Bravo Team Cherry.

  3. Argon says:

    Congrats love your game, playing with the steam controller on my couch for over a week after work, what a beautiful masterpiece.

  4. Jegor says:

    You guys are amazing. I want you to get rich and always do what you love (hopefully making games).

  5. Erik says:

    Normally I don’t particularly agree with Erics (few comments above), but this guy knows what’s up. You have pure gold on your hands here guys, great game. Bravo Team Cherry!

  6. kishi says:

    Thank you for game

  7. Calmdal says:

    Congrats Guys i loved the beta of Hollow Knight but is there any chance to talk about a Nintendo Switch release date yet? I want to play this game right now but i told me to wait for a Nintendo Switch release to play.

    Keep it up the game looks so genius.

  8. wei says:

    Your game is AMAZING ! Actually the art design is rather distinguish. I am a gamer in China, and I’m really happy to know that there will be an official Chinese language adding to the game. Fun-made translation works okey to me, but still having trouble unlocking achievements. I really hope more people in China could know this game, because to me, it is just addictive.

    Good job, guys ! You r awesome!

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