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Hollow Knight is Team Cherry’s first game, currently in development and we’ve prepared a bunch of resources to help you understand the game, like quick facts, videos and images. If you need any additional info or would like assets provided in different formats let us know and we’ll get it organised. Feel free to use the materials in your own way and if you need any help at all please get in touch!

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A Battle in the Rain

Currently under development, Hollow Knight is the first game by Team Cherry, an indie games team comprised of 3 people based in South Australia.

Hollow Knight is a challenging, beautiful action adventure game set in the vast, inter-connected underground kingdom of Hallownest. A 2D action game with an emphasis on skill and exploration, Hollow Knight has you fighting a fearsome host of deadly creatures, avoiding intricate traps and solving ancient mysteries as you make your own way through fungal wastes, forests of bone, and ruined underground cities.

The atmosphere is eerie and sometimes unnerving, but there is a good-hearted core of humour and levity in there too, especially when conversing with all of the weird and wonderful NPCs you’ll find along the way. Hollow Knight has beautiful traditional art, fluid and responsive action, challenging but fair gameplay and a bizarre insect world begging to be explored and conquered.


  • A beautiful, eerie world of insects and heroes.
  • Traditional 2D animation brings creatures and characters to life.
  • Challenging gameplay that can be difficult but always fair.
  • Fluid and responsive action allows you to flow through combat like water.
  • A collection of challenging “feats” the most skilled players can strive for.
  • Find powerful new abilities and spells on your adventure to grow stronger and open new paths.
  • Speak with a weird, intriguing cast of characters.
  • Explore a vast, connected underground world.
  • Scour the world for hidden secrets – powerful artifacts, piles of riches, and surprising encounters.
  • Go Dream Diving! Venture into the minds of friends and enemies and discover the strange worlds that await within.
  • Head to town to seek advice, purchase new items, and chat with quirky townsfolk.
  • Hidden areas full of the toughest challenges and battles, for expert players.
  • Ancient mysteries hidden about the world waiting to be solved by the most observant  investigators.


Hollow Knight is the first release by Team Cherry. Our team initially formed around game jams, but we really bonded over our love for Zelda 2. Though we’ve all worked on games in the past, Hollow Knight is the culmination of the things we love in games. Its cute and creepy, quaint and epic. Together we’re putting all of our passion into this project.

Ari Gibson

Ari is an animator and co-owner of boutique animation studio mechanical apple. He’s worked on countless projects across film, games, music videos and advertising. Ari is creating the art for Hollow Knight, animating its characters and detailing the world.

William Pellen

William has been designing and building games for years, and loves to create silly little worlds for people to poke around in and explore. He’s been enraptured with games ever since his Dad found the wing boots for him in Zelda 2, and wants to recreate that experience of adventure and excitement for other people.

Dave Kazi

Dave is Hollow Knight’s development lead. He comes from a background in development and project management with an eye for user experience. Having worked on many challenging projects, he’s decided to exchange the corporate life to embrace the world of creativity and pursue his passion for everything video games.


 Hollow Knight: Beneath and Beyond

 Hollow Knight: Ferocious Foes

 Hollow Knight: King’s Pass Gameplay


Click here for the Press Kit