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Revealing the Power of the Charms

William | 23 February, 2016 | Hollow Knight, Uncategorized

Hey Everyone,

For today’s update, we’re going to talk about a part of the game that we haven’t shown at all so far: The charm system!

These mystical charms can be found throughout Hallownest, each of them containing a powerful spell that will take effect once equipped. You can find them hidden in long-forgotten treasure chambers, guarded by fearsome creatures, or in the possession of the weird friends you meet (better save up your Geo!).

When you’re resting at a bench, you can enter your Charms Menu to equip the charms you’ve picked up.

Charm Menu

 Look at all those empty slots! Makes you want to collect them all, right?

Each charm costs a certain amount of notches, depending on how powerful they are. This limits how many you can equip at once, so you’ll have to make some tactical decisions and find a load-out that suits your playstyle.

As you continue on your adventure, you can find ways to expand your notches, allowing you to keep more charms equipped at once. You’ll be a powerhouse in no time!

So what do charms actually do? All sorts of things! Check this out:

 What you’re seeing is the effect of one of the earliest charms, ‘Gathering Swarm’. Ever find yourself losing stray Geo down cracks or pits? Can’t be bothered to stop and pick ’em up yourself? No worries! With this charm equipped, helpful little bugs will pick up all that loose change and bring it to you. So convenient!

Here are just a few more charms to find amidst the ruins of Hallownest:

Stalwart Shell: Increases the length of your recovery time after taking damage, allowing you to escape from nasty situations.

Wayward Compass: Shows you your position on the map. Useful for finding your way, but is the cost worth it?

Fury of the Fallen: When you’re down to only one HP, you deal extra damage with your nail. Risky, but powerful in the hands of an expert!

Vengeful Swarm: When taking damage, spawn angry hatchlings that attack nearby enemies.

Unending Greed (Glass): Causes much more Geo to drop from enemies, but will break if you’re defeated while it’s equipped! Be careful and don’t let your greed blind you to the dangers ahead.

We’ve got a whole bunch more planned, so we hope you’ll look forward to hunting these stylish charms down and experimenting with their powerful, sometimes weird, abilities!

Development Update

To finish off, a quick update on overall development. We’re polishing up the last of the content so we can move on to the testing phase and things are going really well. We’ve also been playing around with the Wii U build, which is looking really promising (bring on the gamepad features!). What about other console platforms? We’re definitely still looking into them and will hopefully have some more to say soon.

And lastly, we have another trailer in the works which we’ll be releasing soon, so look forward to it. Let’s see if we can hit the front page of Reddit again!

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