The Green Path – A Hollow Knight Tour

Ari | 13 May, 2015 | Hollow Knight, Sound

Heya All,

Team Cherry’s been all heads down for the past month and that means lots of new game content! Hollow Knight’s world is really coming together now and the game’s major systems are locking into place. We’ve even been adding a whole bunch of additional touches that we think’ll make the game so much better: ambient bug-life, gusts of wind, distant tremors, moody lighting and best of all, cuttable grass! Who doesn’t love cutting grass in video games? We sure do! Sometimes we get so distracted cutting grass we forget to do our real work. It’s just so damn fun.

Expect to see all of those features and more in some upcoming videos, but for today’s update we thought we’d share a peek at one of Hallownest’s most verdant zones, the Green Path.

An acid pool in the Green Path
The Green Path forms the entrance to the Fungal Wastes, and is rich with fauna but choked with acid. The path was once safely traversed by the Hallownest denizens, but now the Hollow Knight will encounter only savage foes, including one that bears a striking resemblance to himself.

The remains of some great beast

The remains of an ancient beast. What creature could have felled one so large?

A lake of acid at the edge of the world

The Green Path descends past an ancient lake. It’s so dang serene (also it’s deadly acid. Don’t fall in!).

Like the rest of Hallownest, the Green Path hides all manner of secrets for those willing to explore beyond the beaten path.

We’re also excited to share some work-in-progress music we’re planning to use for the area, from our composer Chris Larkin. It’s not a  final track, but it already gives you a really good sense of the vibe of the area. Have a listen!

We can’t wait till you all set foot in the area yourselves. Before then though, we’ve our first phase Beta. It’s coming up right around the corner and it’s a gonna be a big one. The Beta is going to cover a lot more ground than we’d originally planned. It’s bursting with Bosses, secrets and bugs to meet. In our next update we’ll be going into more depth on exactly what players will be encountering during the Beta and we’ll be showing some of our first gameplay video since switching to the new Unity engine.

One last incredible thing before we sign off: David Díaz Patrón amazing Hornet prototype! If you’ve been following us on twitter, you may have caught a glimpse already but just look at that sculpt. That deadly needle! That poised stance! We’ve been speaking with David about making her available for sale and  in the future and we’ll be looking into more options for manufacturing these awesome figs. For now though, lets just take a moment admire David’s awesome skill.


Till next time gang! Team Cherry is signing off ;)


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