Day of the Devs! More Game Features! Team Update!

Ari | 8 November, 2016 | Uncategorized

Heya all, Hollow Knight update time!

Day of the Devs

Hollow Knight was recently selected by video game legends Double Fine & Iam8bit for their Day of the Devs event. The event is an all indie, all free, one day extravaganza of gaming held in San Francisco. Our fantastic PR, Marketing, Game-Launching genius Matt Griffin was there to show off Hollow Knight.



The demo went smashingly. No crashes the whole day (All that bug fixing paying off!). One attendee even managed to overcome the False Knight. A huge feat given all the bustle on the show floor.

Thanks so much to the whole Day of the Devs crew for all their hard work and an extra special thanks for Hollow Knight’s VIP bar-side placement!

Game Feature Tease 

If you’ve followed Hollow Knight’s development and its Kickstarter campaign closely, you’ll know one feature we aren’t able to include (but would love) is a New Game Plus mode. New Game + normally means a harder, remixed version of the game that starts the player with their previously gained items and powers.

Though we’re unable to provide a New Game Plus mode for Hollow Knight (at least at release), we do have a very special mode that unlocks after you complete the game (It’s also much simpler to test than New Game Plus). It offers players a different and challenging way to experience the game, with some new rules and new surprises along the way (Unique dialogue! Unique NPCs!). There are of course achievements tied specifically to it, so if you’re a true completionist, you’re going to have a lot of game ahead of you!

Script almost Done

Wow, what a huge job this turned out to be! We’re just now polishing off the last of the text, which is coming in around 20,000 words! That’s a big script and a lot of words for just two people, especially given we’re already full-time on getting the rest of game polished up. A funny thing about the script: You can finish the game without seeing much of it. There are a tonne of hidden characters and dialogues in the game. For those that love digging for lore, expect plenty to be uncovered.

Quick Team Update 

  • Ari is sorting out those last few gaps in the script, alongside game-testing and constant polishing of the world.
  • William is ploughing through a mountainous list of his own polish-tweaks and fixes, also doing lots more boss balancing (some of these bosses are skewed ultra-ultra-difficult)
  • Dave is hooking our unlockable mode into the menus, making mirrors (it’d be a huge spoiler to explain this one!) and digging his way through more small bugs and fixes. He’s also constantly optimising code across the whole game.

That’s us accounted for, and that’s Team Cherry signing off for now. All the very best. Team Cherry Out!

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  1. sookywolf says:

    Excellent. I’m quite excited. Best wishes, Team Cherry!

  2. hybriddude says:

    IS there any news of a release date guys? are we looking at 2017 do you think? Don’t mind how long you take I just want to play it!

  3. Loknor Force Recon says:

    Both my sons and I are excited, can we get some kind of release date, I know your hard at work, just hope its soon

  4. William says:

    Thanks everyone! We’ve been holding off on giving a concrete release date because we want to make sure we can definitely hit anything we can announce. That means waiting until we’re a little further along. We promise that it’s not too far off, and we’ll keep everyone updated!

  5. Raffi says:

    This game just came to my radar and it looks like you are making this game specifically for me. Do you watch my dreams? Sorry if you answered this question a million times but are there plans to bring this to consoles beside Wii U? ( the only one I don’t own)

  6. William says:

    We are definitely looking into releasing on other consoles! We’ll keep everyone updated as we go.

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