Filling Out the Hunter’s Journal, Interview, and Game Informer

William | 19 August, 2016 | Hollow Knight

Hey Everyone,

Quick update today to show off a feature of the game that we’ve hinted at but not really gone into much depth on yet: The Hunter’s Journal!

What’s everyone’s favourite part of any game? That’s right – filling out a bestiary by killing bad guys! Then reading about them! At least, it’s one of our favourite bits, so we couldn’t resist adding the feature to Hollow Knight.

If you explore the Greenpath carefully, you’ll come across the mysterious Hunter in his lair.

The Hunter in his lair

He’ll give you his Hunter’s Journal, and charge you with the task of defeating enemies, adding their details to the journal. And so your hunt begins!

Defeating enemies will now add entries to the journal which you can check out whenever you have a quiet moment.

As you defeat more of a certain enemy, you’ll start to decipher the Hunter’s notes and gain some insight into the creatures of Hallownest as well as the Hunter himself.

We’ve had a lot of fun building the Hunter’s Journal, and we hope you’ll enjoy seeking out rare beasts and filling out entries. If you manage to complete the journal entirely, head back to see the Hunter so you can receive your well-deserved reward…

Interview with D1DLC

William and Ari recently caught up with the guys at the D1DLC Podcast to talk about the game. It was a great chat, talking about what it’s been like working on the game and what our hopes for it are. Ari also gives an impassioned defence of Battletoads near the end.

Have a listen to it here!

Hollow Knight in Game Informer

We were also visited recently by James O’Connor of Game Informer, whose preview write-up of Hollow Knight is appearing in the upcoming issue (issue #81). It’s a great piece and includes some brand new shots of the game in a nice, glossy two-page spread. Grab a copy when it’s out next week!

That’s all for now. We’ll get back to development.

Speak soon!

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