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Instantly become the coolest person in the world by buying some of our great Team Cherry and Hollow Knight merchandise! All TC profits go directly to making great games.






Hollow Knight figure - front
Hollow Knight figure - back Hollow Knight figure - top

All Sold Out!

These figures of the Hollow Knight are designed, built and hand-painted with careful love by David Díaz Patrón, and they are absolutely incredible! Just look at that dashing Critter! The shape and the details are perfect. Wouldn’t you love to have this solemn little hero watching over you while you play the game, silently cheering you on from the sidelines? Maybe if you complete the game 100% the Knight’ll be so impressed they’ll comes to life and you can go on real adventures together (not a guarantee, just a fantasy of ours)!

The figurines measure (LxWxH) 9x5x10 in centimetres, and are built with professional resin, acrylic paint and epoxy putty. They are each built and painted by hand, so at the moment it is a limited run. If you want to snatch one up, then get in quick! Don’t even think about it – just do it! That’s the motto of a true collector! And remember, all the profits we make from selling this amazing figure will be used to make Hollow Knight an even bigger, deeper, weirder game! (meaning that all income from the figurines counts towards achieving our stretch goals!)

Artist and Manufacturer: David Díaz Patrón | Etsy | Twitter | Facebook