New Addition to the Team, and Release Update

William | 5 July, 2016 | Uncategorized

Hey Everyone,

For today’s update we’d like to introduce the newest addition to Team Cherry, Matthew ‘Leth’ Griffin. Matt will be handling PR and marketing for the game in the lead-up to release and during the post-launch window too. He’s previously worked in this role for Stardew Valley, Interstellaria and Wanderlust Adventures, so we’re confident he’ll be a massive help in getting Hollow Knight out into the world.



Matt is involved in the indie scene as a PR and Marketing Director, a Twitch streamer and he’s also a legit game creator, working as the main coder for Wanderlust and online-multiplayer coder for Risk of Rain.

Matt’s already brought a tonne of great ideas for promoting the game and interacting with the community and we’re super excited to have him as part of the team!

And on that note, a quick update on the game’s release schedule! We have now slipped past the initial release estimate, mainly due to the scope of the game increasing as a result of the Kickstarter (but also because we’ve crammed the game full of secret areas, bosses and items to find). So, when will we be releasing? While we’re definitely closing in on release, we’ve decided not to give any concrete date until we’re absolutely sure that we can deliver the game on time – we don’t want to disappoint anyone by announcing a date only to slip past it.

We’ve always been super appreciative of everyone’s support and patience and kind words as we build the world of Hollow Knight and we’ll continue to keep you updated regularly on what’s happening.

And lastly, here’s a fun little behind-the-scenes GIF:

This is an area of Fog Canyon that Ari’s been doing some final polish on. The GIF gives you a good idea of just how much effort and detail goes into giving Hollow Knight its distinctive look. Expect more of them soon.

You’ll be hearing more from Matt and the rest of us in the future as launch grows nearer, but for now that’s all! Thanks again for your support, we’ll speak soon.

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