Forgotten Crossroads

The Forgotten Crossroads – A Hollow Knight Tour

William | 11 October, 2014 | Hollow Knight

For this post I’m going to give you a quick tour and overview of one of the areas in our upcoming game, Hollow Knight. As the Hollow Knight, you’ll be exploring the ruined underground kingdom Hallownest in your quest to unravel an ancient mystery. The first area you’ll encounter as you descend beneath the surface is the Forgotten Crossroads.

Travelling the Forgotten Crossroads

These are the remains of winding highways and alleyways carved through the earth to link the vast kingdom of Hallownest together. The roads are still open to brave travellers, but years of disrepair and infestation by feral creatures have made them dangerous to explore, especially for the unwary. You’ll begin your adventure here, so your first order of business is to explore, try to gain your bearings, and plan out your route to the deeper areas of Hallownest.

Depths of the Forgotten Crossroads

The Crossroads are made up of winding roads and caverns filled with dangerous creatures. The layout is open and you may find yourself overwhelmed initially as you explore the vast inter-connected tunnels. If you persevere though and keep exploring, eventually you will find the way forward, and along the way you will uncover hidden shortcuts and snatch powerful treasures from the maws of great beasts. Without realising it you’ll hone your skills, and once you have discovered the path forward you will travel deeper into Hallownest stronger and more cunning than when you began your journey.

The Great Worms of Forgotten Crossroads

Most travellers may shun the Crossroads, but you will still find some friendly faces down in the darkness. Fools or adventurers like yourself, these travellers are often happy to sit and talk with you about their dreams and desires. Some of them might be willing to barter with you, or may recognise your abilities and request your aid in some troubling matter. Whether you stay and listen to these odd characters or press onwards is up to you.

A Miner toils in the Forgotten Crossroads

So, that is a quick tour of the Forgotten Crossroads! This is the first area we’ve built and has now been finalised. Hopefully I’ve given you a sense of what you can expect from this area in the completed game! If you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave a comment!

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